Friday, June 18, 2010

Great finds

I had a lovely day today looking at the treasures over at the Greenwood Salvos store. I found a lot of great things (bags, clothes, shoes, art, bric-a-brac) but as I only allocated $20 for this trip I had to compromise. So here is what I managed to get for the twenty: a pretty tray for only $3.99, a little acrylic of Esperance WA that was living in an ugly frame - $4.99, a pretty oil on canvas with pink roses also living in an ugly frame $3.99, a pretty wooden frame $3.99, a wooden mug holder $4 and a pretty ceramic figurine for $2. Isn't she gorgeous? OK, so I went a little over budget, but it was worth it. Oh, and the latest issue of Home Beautiful from my local newsagent :).

Have a lovely weekend
xoxo Maja

1 comment:

  1. Got to love our local Salvos! I am always bringing home a box of 'goodies', to my Hubby's dismay... That tray is really sweet, and the picture of the roses looks so vintage!
    :) Flick



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