Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A post that's long overdue

Hi all
Long, long time ago I promised to post pictures of our living room reno but somehow the pics don't truly convey how lovely the room is now.

Goodbye to the flaking paint, gray ceiling, ugly fan and fake ceiling speakers.

Hello to the lovely white walls, billowy curtains and a fireplace. And we only spent less than $1000, electrician being the most expensive. We replaced the old ceiling fan with the new Fanaway and I can't speak highly enough about this brilliant product. It is quiet and when not in use, the transparent blades fold away so it is only a light fitting. Brilliant!

The gas fireplace is now fully enclosed. We bought some new furniture and the bookcase we found fitted perfectly in the new space that we constantly get asked if we had it made to order. Unfortunately, my camera makes the furniture look yellowish. It is actually French oak with a grayish finish.

So, now I'm on the look out for some nice artwork, a coffee table, a couple of armchairs, a mirror for over the fireplace, cushions, etc.

Our Bella reckons that this is now the most beautiful room in the house and that her dad is the cleverest dad in the world. That's one of the reasons she wants to be in every shot.

trying some artwork

here she goes again

What do you think?

Maja xxx


  1. LOVE the billowy curtains and the nook around your TV area. Now comes the fun part with all the accessorizing!! x

  2. A great transformation. Well done to you and your family. I love the fireplace - it looks like its always been there. Look forward to seeing more of the room dressed.
    Rebecca x



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