Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Crepecakes" and are these best ever muffins

Bella likes crepes but gets frustrated when the contents start to spill out of them. Just like me she doesn't like the taste of self-raising flour ("mum, my teeth tingle") so she is not keen on pancakes. So we came up with "crepecakes" - crepes shaped like pancakes. Voila!

I make them bland, so they are great with both savoury and sweet condiments.

Also, I'm constantly looking for dessert recipes that are not ladden with sugar and fat. I came across these muffins here The author claims that this is the "best ever muffin recipe". I did cringe at the amount of self-raising flour (both plain and wholemeal) but I liked the other ingredients - carrot, apple, raisins, oats, natural yoghurt, apple sauce instead of butter or oil. I replaced raisins with cranberries and added some chopped walnuts as well. The muffins are really tasty, although I think that next time I will add some cinnamon to enhance the flavour. Best ever muffins? Probably not, but they are quick to make, healthy and tasty, and I will be making them again.

My trifty store cloches came in handy! Oh, and can you spot Bella :)?

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