Saturday, April 14, 2012

$10 beauty

Ain't she a beauty? We picked up this piece of furniture from a local church garage sale for a $10. It had some kiddie stickers on it, coffee and water rings and the legs were split in a few spots. With some metho, steel wool and 3 coats of danish oil, and she is a beauty once again.

We found a sticker on the inside saying it is "Greaves and Thomas" piece, which seems to be an equivalent to Australian Parker furniture. We also found an exact same piece on the internet, c 1965, (it seems that ours has had the legs shortened) in the UK on sale for a mere $1500!!! 


  1. WHAT A FIND! Nice restoration job you did too. Kellie xx

  2. PS My word verification thing for that last comment was struth! Ha ha xx



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